Why the Full Surety Team Matters

Nina ConnerNews

Posted by Beth Harbeck, OldRepublicSurety

The internal workings of the surety make or break agent experience.

You know the situation: marketing comes in, does a great presentation, and ratchets up the energy level. The desired result occurs, and bond agents commit to increasing production; then, they enter the underwriting process and…

How many agents have become frustrated with sludge-like responsiveness, a disconnect between different people on the surety side (one hand not knowing what the other has done), and having to educate each new person they talk to?

On the other hand, what a pleasure it is to work with a surety team that functions collaboratively, smartly and with agility to improve the agent’s experience. Surety staff members, no matter their role, are integral in the efficiency, accuracy, speed and ease of bond placement. With so many members helping behind the scenes at the surety, bond producers have excellent support so their clients’ needs are best served.

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