Underbidding Then Asking for More Money

Denise Gillin News

By Andrew Ozaki, Lincoln Bureau Chief, KETV, Omaha

The Kansas-based nonprofit in charge of managing child welfare cases in the Omaha area had a history of underbidding and then asking for more money. That’s according to Tom Kenny, the attorney who represented the previous provider.

“We argued that St Francis underbid the contract by 40% and they did it on purpose,” Kenny said. He briefed lawmakers on the Legislature’s LR 29 investigative committee Friday.

In 2019, St. Francis Ministries was awarded the contract for $196 million, which was 40% less than what PromiseShip bid. But less than halfway through its contract, St Francis said it was running out of cash and needed more money. Kenny detailed some key takeaways from his lawsuit that were eventually withdrawn.

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